Church Planting

We are passionately committed to supporting the start-up of other Christian church congregations. We do this by sponsoring and/or hosting these new churches.

We want to continue to start, sponsor and host churches that will be able to reach out to the diverse and multi-cultural community of Los Angeles and its surrounding areas.

The question we find ourselves constantly asking and answering: how can we serve, bless, and support our local community?

  • Middle Eastern Church - Arabic

    Sunday Afternoons - 1:30 pm - Sanctuary

    Pastor Makarious Dibo

  • Armenian Fellowship Church of Burbank

    Sunday Afternoons - 4:15 pm - Sanctuary

    Pastor Ara Torosian

  • New Hope Korean Fellowship

    Sunday Mornings - 11:00 am - Upper Sanctuary

    Pastor John Nam

  • Somos El Pueblo De Dios - Spanish

    Sunday Evenings - 5:00 pm - Upper Sanctuary

    Pastor Walter Flores

  • LA Church Planting

    The need for evangelism and church planting in the Greater LA area is great. There are over 17.5 million documented residents. We have a great need to identify those the Lord is calling to work in His Kingdom expansion.  

    LA Church Planting wants to help build a “Farm System” that will be assist with the following:

    •Identifying “missionaries”

    •Recruiting and assessment

    •Training and development

    •Internship and apprenticeship

    •Mentoring and strategic planning

    •Releasing to plant churches with local church partnerships

    •On-going coaching and assistance

    •Developing a vision for reproducing and multiplying disciples and churches

  • Send North America: Los Angeles

    Among all of California’s iconic cities, none has more influence than the largest – Los Angeles. Hollywood alone commands tremendous sway on popular culture worldwide. 

    The sheer size of Los Angeles calls for considerable strategy with any attempt to reach the city. The city population alone, 3.8 million, is larger than 21 states. The county is nearly 10 million, and “greater” Los Angeles, that makes up the Send North America: Los Angeles plan, has a population close to 20 million.

    The Send North America: Los Angeles strategy is five-fold: universities, inner cities, beach cities, (suburbia) people groups and Hollywood. To reach the greater Los Angeles area, greater partnerships with great churches are needed.